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Members' Concerns List

Note that this is a list of gripes... not actionable offenses. However the Board and the Director have an implied obligation to maintain a dialog with their members instead of shunning them. SDAI is a non-profit public organization operating in a public park in a building provided by the City of San Diego as " of the few venues where Southern California artists, both emerging and established, can compete regularly through the jurying process...". So it is inappropriate to operate the Institute by fiat.

SDAI operates for the benefit of the visiting public and for the benefit of member artists who, as the city has directed, can sell their art and profit by the jurying process and through dialog with peers and gallery visitors.

Send in your concerns to be incorporated into this list. Edits to the concerns are also appreciated - including deletion of whiny ones.

These concerns express what we are unhappy about.

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Documents about SDAI

Does anyone have a copy of SDAI's IRS Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code? That document lays out the original justification for SDAI's non-profit status. NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) are required to keep that document and make it available to the public on request to be read or copied. However that public access requirement does not apply to organizations which were incorporated as far back as 1951.

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